Placencia Village Renovation

Project Description

Down the side streets of the Placencia village is a home in the perfect place on the water with a beautiful view but was in need of a face lift inside and out!

There were many little different rooms in this house painted mainy different bold colors, entering the house it felt like a maze and didn’t have good flow. The windows were old, the staircase was in the middle of the room, so with a new vision in mind, we worked with the client, to make a beautiful lagoon waterfront home, which sold immediately when he put it in on the market, a quick turnover and a great investment!

How we helped our client flip this house:

  • Demolished most of the cement walls too enlarge the living room, dining room and kitchen space.
  • The staircase was in the middle of the room we rebuilt and matched the spindles and relocated to a 90-degree angle to enter the living room instead of the kitchen, it was a complete match, could never tell the staircase was rebuilt and added storage.
  • Replaced all the old wrought iron windows with new PVC white vinyl windows, easy to open and attractive.
  • Removed a small room off the kitchen to add more space, and a complete cabinetry remodel.
  • Added new appliances and under counter lighting.
  • All new lighting fixtures throughout the home, electrical upgraded.
  • Relocated the door from the middle of the living room to the foyer, allowing more space and better design feature allowing us to increase the size of the powder room.
  • In the master bedroom increased the size of the closet and the bedroom, took out the old tub and added a shower with tile and new plumbing fixtures.
  • Replaced all the air conditioner’s with higher efficiency inverter units.
  • Painted the entire house and tiled the floors.

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