Southern Belize Home Construction is ready to take on your job. If you have a project in mind or a renovation do not hesitate to contact us. We have the expertise, equipment and staff to get the job done.

Decks & Railings: We have experience in custom decks and railings, working with you to create your own custom and unique design.

We can help you to transform the look of a deck, a stairway, and a pool surround, to the point where your entire property is redefined.

The materials we have used are Belizean hardwood and pressure treated lumber, cement posts, stainless steel wire and PVC creating many different options to suit your design ideas!

Come create with us!

Docks: Building a dock is a lot like building a deck, pile posts, joists, decking, and railing on occasion; docks also have the same load requirements as decks.

Typically, we use PVC pipe filled with cement most often and finish with a PVC cap to give it that clean look. We find that PVC will last longer in sea conditions.

We will work with you on your design and include the features you wish to have.

Lot Clearing: If you are selling a lot and would like the lot to be featured we often cut the underbrush so the buyer can see the lay of the land and the vegetation on the lot.

If you are ready to build we can give you a quote on clearing and filling the lot, carefully checking your house design to allow you to save as many trees as possible or move trees so you can replant in another location and save some of these beautiful trees. Why buy trees when you have them on your lot already?

Pools: We will work with you to design the perfect swimming pool and spa for your needs. Whether it’s for swimming laps, diving, playing volleyball or just relaxation we can design a safe and functional pool and spa that fit your needs. 

Each pool reflects their owner’s tastes and personalities; many love the infinity pool as the water blends with the sea.

Criteria we will help you choose and integrate into your design are the size, shape, tile, coping, decking, cover, interior finish, water features, spas, covers, salt chlorination, automation, automatic vacuums, just to name a few.

We have obtained our certificate “Certified Pool Operations” to help our clients better understand the basic operations of their pool.

Seawalls: Seawalls are a fundamental element in construction projects. We have conducted waterfront development and repair work for residential and commercial properties.

A concrete seawall can transform the lagoon or sea edge with structural wall strength and appeal to any exterior landscape design project and keep your property’s edge from eroding into the water.

We add cleats, docks for the perfect boat slip. Sea walls become part of your landscape design.

Septic Systems: Meet the AP-500P Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU), builder recommended and customer preferred wastewater management system in our area. It cleans wastewater from the best teacher around: Mother Nature herself. Just as waste breaks down organically from air, the aerobic bacterial action in the ATU uses oxygen to treat wastewater.

The Hydro-Action system outperforms traditional septic tanks in prolonging drain field life, meeting environmental requirements, and handling issues like poor soil or high groundwater.

We also build traditional 3 stage cement septic tanks with leach field; we can talk to you about the best options for your project.

Equipment: Machinery is available to clear and fill your lot but we also are available to do many other services for our clients. It can be large quantities of garbage disposal, fill for projects, moving large objects, digging trenches and culverts. Also, for floating foundation or piles when building your home.

Anything you need machinery for we have the workers and equipment to do so.

Custom Furniture & Decor: Our experienced design team can help you with custom-made Belizean hardwood furniture, curtains, shades and more.

We deal with many craftsmen throughout Belize and can help you design unique and beautiful pieces just for you.

Palapas: How can you live in the Caribbean without a traditional palapa? The Mayan’s and Spanish have been building these structures for years and we work with some of the best palapa craftsmen.

Whether it is a shelter for hammocks, a boat cover, a roof top, or a storage shed, we have the ability to create that Caribbean look just for you.

Ifrastructure: We have professional working relationships with the utility companies after years of building connections with officials and management teams in Belize to help achieve your infrastructure requirements.

 We are working with several resorts installing all their infrastructure needs, from electrical, water and cable.  We understand what is needed for the permitting requirements, the department of environmental and we will work with you right from the beginning of the planning stage, walking you through the entire process.


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