Southern Belize Home Construction Ltd. is committed to building high value single and multi-family homes that are functional, safe and durable, with features that reflect modern design and technology. We continually measure the needs and dreams of our customers, to deliver their vacation, investment or retirement home.

We conduct business so that we earn the respect of our customers, our suppliers and employees. We are dedicated to being unsurpassed in customer service. Southern Belize Home Construction strives to be the home builder most investors think of first and to be the home builder who gets the job done.

Buying a vacation or retirement home is an experience that should be enjoyable and full of excitement, and Southern Belize Home Construction will be there with you every step of the way. We build homes in the beautiful tropics lining the magnificent sea or nestled in the jungle. We deliver high quality, low maintenance homes with standard features that few others offer. By offering unique designs and floor plans, we build the dream vacation or retirement home you have dreamed about.

Southern Belize Home Construction believes in the power of first impressions, which is why we pay special attention to features in the home designed to the owner’s dreams. This can range from the many beautiful hardwoods in Belize, or decorative concrete arches, or to magnificent infinity pools.

Building with Wood

Belize is known for their beautiful hardwoods. A popular custom home option is to use many types of hardwood in the home. For example, in this beautiful home we incorporated Cabbage Bark, Santa Maria, Poison wood, Mahogany and Beef wood, all of the different woods blending together. There is something very inviting about a wood home.

It is all rated to hurricane standards we build homes stronger by tying the floor together with the wall with metal straps, and hurricane clips on the rafters and walls. In many projects we tie the top plate down through the foundation with steel rods and bolt the rafters to the plate. This includes a hurricane rated garage door. We keep everything in mind when building in the tropics for longevity of your home.

Building with Concrete

Homeowners are recognizing the benefits of using concrete blocks as the primary material in the construction of residential homes. A home built out of concrete block provides the homeowner with many benefits, including design flexibility, durability, efficiency, and soundproofing.

Concrete block residential homes are reinforced with steel to provide durability and protection against hurricanes and earthquakes. Another advantage of a concrete block home is increased energy efficiency. Concrete blocks act as an excellent insulator, retaining cool air inside the home during the summer and warm air inside the home during the winter. Yes, we have winter here in Belize, low 70’s can feel cool! Concrete blocks create a tight seal, reducing heating and cooling loss in the home.

Building with Bamboo

Southern Belize Home Construction is the authorized representative for Bamboo Living in Belize. Living in a bamboo home in the tropics is the dream of many and we can make your dream come true.

Bamboo Living Homes are not only designed to exceed international seismic and hurricane code requirements, they also surpass the toughest hurricane codes in the USA – Florida’s Dade County to be exact.  And in 1995, their beautiful bamboo homes were put to the test in the islands of Rarotonga when three category 5 hurricanes hit in February, causing extensive damage or completely demolishing most of the timber structures. But even 173 mph winds couldn’t blow our Bamboo Living bungalows down.  Suffering only cosmetic damage (some of the grass thatching needed to be replaced), the owners were ecstatic that they’d built with bamboo.

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